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Yesterday I was re-reading a few of the poems that have, over time, emerged into my consciousness. Two of them called to me. This morning I decided to share them with you. Here is the first poem:


For more than forty years now
Confucius has been my teacher,
my guide, and a role-model.

I have sought and continue to seek
how I might serve others so they
choose to nurture more than deplete.

Like Confucius, I invite those I serve
into conversations; I invite them to
consider questions; I walk with them
as one who travels the same path of
seeking, searching, and learning.

When I am healthy I am a living paradox;
I am, it seems, a living contradiction. At
my best I am able to accept others as
living paradoxes.

When I am full of dis-ease I engage
my favorite ways of depleting myself
especially my spirit. At my worst, I
deplete others with heartless judgments.

Confucius continues to challenge me:
Serve my father as I would expect my
son to serve me;
Serve my ruler as I would expect my
ministers to serve me;
Serve my elder brother as I would expect my
younger brother to serve me;
To be the first to treat my friends as I would expect them
to treat me.

These are my challenges;
Like Confucius,
These I have not been able to do.
Like Confucius,
These I continue to strive to live.
Like Confucius,
I seek to be more and more consistent.
Like Confucius,
I know that to seek perfection
is to seek failure.  –Richard W Smith, 30 May, 2011


I love this picture of Confucius; for me, it captures his essence.

Here is the second poem, the photo was taken by my good friend, George. His photo captures for him the essence of the poem.


I carry anger and rage within me
As someone carries concealed weapons;
I am not always aware they are there
Yet when called upon they are within easy reach.

Simple things can summon them from their resting place;
An interruption when I am concentrating,
A question that challenges me in some way;
I sense no pattern although I believe one exists.

Sometimes I wonder where all of this anger and rage comes from;
Sometimes I simply accept the reality of their existence.
At times I am puzzled, if not perplexed, by their presence;
At times I surrender to the reality of their residence.

Although I have experienced their spontaneous awakening
for many years I am almost always taken aback by their

The spark that ignites the flash in the pan is the result
of a remark, observation or question. The flash of fire
touches the black powder that explodes and sends my
anger and rage ripping through the once calm air;
This is an anger and rage that tears into someone like
a mini-ball does when it spreads soft skin and shatters
bone and organ leaving deep wounds and permanent scars. –Richard W Smith,  4 April, 2010

by George

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